Run a MonadCGI as a CGI application!

That title should have you a little bit confused. “Isn’t that the whole point on the cgi package?” Well, yes. But I’m going to give you a brand new way to do exactly the same thing. Hopefully, you’ll agree with me by the end that this is a pretty good idea.

I’ve been working on Hack (by Jinjing Wang) a bit recently. Its goal is to provide a universal interface for Haskell web applications, similar to WSGI in Python or Rack in Ruby. So we now have a whole bunch of handlers for hack, which means you could write a hack application and get it to run on any of those backends. So, part of my dream framework can be realized: write the app once, test it locally on a simple HTTP server, and deploy it using FastCGI.

So for fun, I decided to also write a Hack frontend which allows you to take existing applications written against the existing cgi package and run them on Hack. The code is inanely simple thanks to the modularity of both the Hack library and the CGI library. Here is an example of how to convert a CGI application to a CGI application (going through Hack):

Old code:
import Network.CGI
main = runCGI mainCGI
mainCGI = output "This is a test"

New code:
import qualified Network.CGI
import qualified Hack.Handler.CGI
import qualified Hack.Frontend.MonadCGI
main = $ Hack.Frontend.MonadCGI.cgiToApp mainCGI
mainCGI = Network.CGI.output "This is a test"

Now, you can of course make the mainCGI much more complicated, and replace with any of the other Hack handlers available on Hackage. I’m hoping that this code drops the barrier to entry on Hack so we as a community can start sharing libraries more. Just look for hack-frontend-monadcgi on Hackage.

Also, in case anyone is wondering what happened to Yesod, I’ve decided to change my approach a bit. Instead of writing my own brand new framework which will probably not be used by anyone, I’m trying to write a bunch of smaller, useful libraries. I hope others follow suit, and that when we have a number of mature packages for handling individual tasks, we could simply stick them together into a very nice framework. I appreciate feedback on this point.


2 Responses to “Run a MonadCGI as a CGI application!”

  1. jinjing Says:

    magic …

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    […] wrote a monadcgi frontend for kicks, and now looking at Hackage I see Jinjing also wrote one for happstack. Not being […]

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