Wordify: RESTful Haskell web apps

Here’s an incredibly simplistic Haskell RESTful web application. If you look at the code, Web.Restful is the beginning of a proper RESTful framework, built on a bunch of smaller libraries I’ve been uploading to Hackage recently. Once I’ve stabalized it a bit, I’ll release it as its on library. For now, it lives in wordify-web and some personal site.

Anyway, here’s wordify!


3 Responses to “Wordify: RESTful Haskell web apps”

  1. Justin Says:

    I like the RequestParser type – great idea. I did not understand why “params” would only accept a list of one value.

    Your wordify app is a bit weird – what does it actually do? Entering “one” got me the response “invalid english word” while entering 94 returned “quaf”.

    Neat stuff!

  2. Will Thompson Says:

    Apparently “hello” is an “invalid english word” …

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