Restful, data-object changes

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Mostly, I’ve been refactoring my restful library and writing some code that actually uses it. That’s usually the best way to get a better API after all.

I doubt these projects will really interest too many people, but here they are in case you are interested in some real-world Hack and Restful code:

  • review-minder is used to keep track of information I’ve learned (let’s say vocabulary words) and remind me to review them at certain intervals. For coolness, those intervals happen to be the fibonacci sequence.
  • photoblog is the software I use for running my son’s photo blog.

Underlying things about both of these programs:

  • They use my yaml library, and thus also data-object. I switched from JSON because Yaml is more ammenable for version control software.
  • They have Ajax interfaces based on jquery. Photoblog is in particular interesting: it has a javascript-disabled interface available, and uses jquery-history for the dynamic interface (you know, that stuff after the # in the URL).

I made some updates to data-object recently which I consider to be questionable, so I’m not sure it will last. I ran into some Haskell brick-walls when trying to make these changes; hopefully the next post will describe the problem, my current solution, and what I wish Haskell would let me do.

Final note: restful is nowhere near API stable, which is why I haven’t released it to Hackage. If anyone is interested in using it, or has some suggestion, please send them along. I’m currently not rushing this project so I end up with a nice, clean API.


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